Let us help solve your business problems

EasyWare is setting the trend for successful 21st century software companies. We are not just an organisation that produces vague technical software for obscure organisations. Rather we concentrate on creating solutions for everyday problems faced by businesses like yours.

Our products and services are very powerful, yet simple to use. We aim to remove the fear that many have of new technology and, in so doing, make technology accessible to a much wider range of users. Our solutions are sophisticated, yet inexpensive, making them even more affordable and accessible.


EasyWare UK has come up with two elegant solutions to the problem of expensive online stores: EasyWare B2B Commerce and Shopping Cart allow everyone - even the worst technophobe - to build and deploy fully featured e-commerce stores in minutes. They are simple, yet very powerful. What's more, they allow the user to build unlimited number of stores with unlimited products. And, yes, they include absolutely free versions..

School Admin System:

Schooltec is quick and secure. It assists educational institutions by making their administration easier and provides a platform to research, share and collaborate which makes all the users fully informed about the institution..

Institute of Technology:

This is EasyWare's initiative to bring IT and computing training to the more disadvantaged part of West Africa.

Human Resource Manager:

EasyWare Human Resource Manager is a powerful software application that enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily manage their HR and payroll systems. The task of managing an organisation's staff and payroll - particularly an organisation with a very large workforce - can be burdensome and labour-intensive. EasyWare Human Resource Manager takes the tedium and effort out of the task. .

Hospital Admin system:

HospitalAdmin aims to give every hospital, clinic or Health centre the opportunity to have its own efficient administrative system. Today, many health care officials are still spending an inordinately large proportion of their time using inefficient, ineffective and unsafe paper-based administrative systems. Time that should be spent treating patients or researching cures is spent on mundane admin tasks..

Interactive TV

The Internet and media are converging to create a powerful new information medium. EasyWare is at the forefront of this revolution. Our staff - who have worked intensively in the interactive TV industry since its inception - have come up with a range of cutting-edge products and services for this exciting, new industry.


Afrocentriq is the global marketplace for African products.

Phone Reminder

Phone Reminder, is an Android and iPhone reminder app. Download at: Phone Reminder Download Instantly upload your reminders from the web-site to the phone.

PoS systems

EasyWare designs a range of Point of Sale solutions for a range of small and large business.