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EasyWare Human Resource Manager (HRM)

EasyWare Human resource manager is a powerful software application that enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily manage their staff and payroll systems. There are three versions of the software:

(1) HRM Lite is completely standalone. It is easy to install but runs from just the computer on which it is loaded. It has no employee web site. This means employees will not be able to use certain important features like amending their details, timesheets, leave administration, grievance and disciplinary features etc.

(2) HRM Enterprise is faster, runs on the client's network or the Internet and accessible by several computers including those on client's local network and/or over the Internet. Allows user customisation. Includes a web interface for staff to view and amend details, book leave and reminders etc

(3) HRM Managed is similar as Enterprise, but is run on our network, managed by us, and is accessible by our clients anywhere in the world. It does not allow user customisation.

Payroll customisation
All commercial versions of EasyWare HRM have a payroll option which is customised for each individual client.

Who needs EasyWare HRM?
The task of managing an organisation's staff and payroll - particularly an organisation with a very large workforce - can be burdensome and labour-intensive. EasyWare Human Resource Manager takes the tedium and effort out of the task.

Would you like to 'Evaluate' Us?
Evaluation download links:
Download HRM Lite Here:
Download HRM Managed Here:

Please note:
(1) These are evaluation version and may not have the complete functionality. They also have a limited period of usage.
(2) To install, download and double-click either of the above files. The files are about 20mb large!
(3) After downloading, double-click the 'EasyWare HRM ...' icon on your desktop.
(3) After starting, you may want to read the 'Quick Start Guide'. From the menu, Go to: Help -> Quick Start Guide (otherwise, you may view the quick help online by going to: Quick Start Guide)